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image no.: 10317
contact sheet: A0322
collection: York Factory Collection
description: D'Iberville'S Ship Pelican Wrecked Off Mouth Of Nelson River (5 Miles From Land). (B) Is A Raft For Saving The Wounded. (C) Is A Snow Bank From La Poterie.The Beaver Winter 1957
subject(s): BoatsFortsRaftsWrecks
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image no.: 26329
contact sheet: A0883
collection: Harry Franzman Collection
description: Franzmann Children On A Raft On Flooded Pasture Field Near Their Farm Home At Fannystelle, Mb
subject(s): AgricultureChildrenFloodsRaftsTowns
date: 1917c
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image no.: 8535
contact sheet: A0266
collection: Miscellaneous Collection
description: Girls On Raft. Probably At Kenora, On
subject(s): ChildrenDocksRafts
date: 1912c
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image no.: 26355
contact sheet: A0884
collection: Harry Franzman Collection
description: Gordon Franzmann, Son Of Harry And Edith Franzmann, Sailing A Raft In The Flood Waters Around Home In Fannystelle, Mb
subject(s): BuildingsFloodsHousesPersonalitiesRaftsSailingTowns
date: 1925
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image no.: 2896
contact sheet: A0093
collection: Marine Museum of Manitoba Collection at Selkirk
description: Lumber Raft Under Sail With 500,000 Feet Spruce And 25,000 Railway Ties
subject(s): LumberingRaftsSailing
date: 1891
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image no.: 71969
contact sheet: A2423
collection: Miscellaneous Collection
description: Men Moving A Raft Using Poles. Trucks And Automobiles In The Background. Photo Courtesy Of Gunnlaugsson Collection
subject(s): AutomobilesDocksFerriesLakesRaftsTrucks
date: 1954
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image no.: 66193
contact sheet: A2140
collection: Parrish and Heimbecker Limited Collection
description: View Of The West Side Of The Cpr North Transcona Grain Elevator After It Experienced A Soil Bearing-Capacity Failure During It First Loading. Construction On The Structure, Which Consisted Of 65 Bins With A Total Capacity Of One Million Bushels, Commenced In 1911 And Was Completed In September 1913. The Foundation Consisted Of A Large Rectangular Raft, 77 Feet By 195 Feet, Resting On A Plastic Clay Deposit 12 Feet Below Grade. On October 18,1913, After 875,000 Bushels Of Wheat Had Been Loaded Into The Elevator, Settlement Was Noted. For 24 Hours The Elevator Continued To Tilt Toward The West, Coming To Rest At An Inclination Of Over 26 Degrees From Vertical . The Elevator Was Subsequently Righted And Underpinned To Bedrock.
subject(s): AgricultureTransportationElevatorsAccidentsRafts
date: 1914, January 6
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image no.: 9806
contact sheet: A0307
collection: Ken Davey Collection
description: View Of Two Boys With Soldier On Raft In Winnipeg Street During Flood
subject(s): FloodsRaftsWinnipeg Streets
date: 1950
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image no.: 71934
contact sheet: A2422
collection: Miscellaneous Collection
description: William Sifton, Moving A Load Of Lumber On A 900 Foot Raft Containing 25,000 Ties And 500, 000 Feet Of Lumber Across Lake Manitoba, From Fairford Reserve To Peter Mcarthur'S Landing, At Westbourne (Town), During The Summer Of 1891. Aboard The Raft Was A Camp For The Crew And A Stable For The Horses. On The Forward End Of The Raft A Horse Windlass Can Be Seen. At Intervals Along The Length Of The Raft Are Emergency Anchors. There Are 6 Sails. Photo Courtesy Gunnlaugsson Collection
subject(s): BoatsBuildingsCampsFreightingLakesLumberingRafts
date: 1891