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image no.: 4775
contact sheet: A0151
collection: James A. Richardson Collection
description: (Top): (Right) Capt. F.J. Stevenson'S Parents Receive An Award On Their Son'S Behalf; (Left) Joseph Stevenson Receiving The Harmon Trophy Medallion Awarded To His Son From Lt. Gov. W.J. Tupper Of Manitoba Oct. 20, 1936. (Bottom): (On Right) Capt. F.J. Stevenson; (On Left) Medallion Presented To Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stevenson In 1929
subject(s): AviationAwardsPersonalitiesTrophies
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image no.: 71727
contact sheet: A2409
collection: Miscellaneous Collection
description: "D" Subsection, "C" Battery, Rcha (L- R): (First Row) L. Bdr. M. Shewchuck; Bdr. E.C. Stones; Sgt. W.F. Slipy; Lieut. D.W. Blythe; Sgt. A.E. Prior; L. Bdr. W.C. Adams. (Second Row) Gnr. D.H. Vorlic; Gnr. H.J. Mansfield; Gnr. C.R. Waite; Gnr.A.H. Pollard; Gnr. H.A. Shelton; Gnr. G.H. White; Gnr. G.S. Trenton. (Third Row) Gnr. H.V. Mckinney; Gnr.F. Christian; Gnr.H.H. Rathbone; Gnr. F.E. Harmon; Gnr.J.Watt; Gnr. C. Fritzpatrick. (Names On Photo)
subject(s): MilitaryPersonalitiesUniformsWorld War II
date: 1940