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image no.: 26018
contact sheet: A0872
collection: Women's Studies Collection
description: Edmonton Hospital Board Members Include: Dr. K.J. Williams, Dr. Sam Kling, David Graham, G. Mcclary, Dr. A. Hardy, Peter Miskew, Mrs. John Oliver, Walter Englestad, Herb Scott, Moer Lieberman, Dr. D.R. Easton, Bruce Whittaker, James F. Falconer, Mrs. T.H. Field; Ethel Wilson (Mla)
subject(s): HospitalsOrganizationsPersonalitiesWomen
date: 1960
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image no.: 37227
contact sheet: A1243
collection: Winnipeg Free Press Collection
description: Manitoba'S 'Timmy' 8-Year Old Eddie Fehr Presenting Premier Duff Roblin, His Wife Mary, And Their Son Andrew,With Their Easter Seals
subject(s): ChildrenOrganizationsPersonalitiesPolitics
date: 1960, March 12
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image no.: 37797
contact sheet: A1262
collection: Winnipeg Free Press Collection
description: Sons Of Ireland Members Preparing For St. Patrick'S Day Celebrations. (L- R): Terence Healy, Program Chairman; F.P. Kennedy, Banquet Committee Chairman; Mrs. William Cox, Committee Member; Nicholas Harvey, President
subject(s): CelebrationsEventsIrishOrganizationsPersonalitiesWomen
date: 1960, March 7