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image no.: 11312
contact sheet: A0351
collection: Killarney, the J.A. Victor David Museum Collection
description: Airplane Known As The "Partridge" Biplane Was Built By F.A. Kent Of Killarney, Mb, In 1913, And Flown By Him During 1916 And 1917 In Killarney. This Plane Was Probably Built To One Of The Designs Of The Partridge-Keller Company, A Flying School In Chicago. Kent Suffered Many Spills And Crack-Ups In His Biplane During Taxi Runs And Practice Flights. The "Partridge" Caused Him Much Frustration Even Though It Was Ruggedly Built. This Was Due To A Lack Of Sufficient Flying Field. The Town Of Killarney Did Not Have Flat Fields, But Mainly Areas Of Stunted Forest Growth And Swampy Ground. Kent Owned A Grocery-Bake Shop Business Located At Kent'S Corner In Killarney. He Built And Flew His Plane In His Spare Time Especially During The Slow Winter Months
subject(s): AircraftAviation