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image no.: 18859
contact sheet: A0602
collection: Royal Winnipeg Rifles Museum
description: Soldiers From "C" Company, Winnipeg Rifles. Winners Of The Lewis Gun Competition: Military District No. 10. Back Row (L- R): G. Hanson; H. Campbell; R. Darlington; W.J. Strachan; A. Gamble; R. Montgomery. Middle Row (L- R): Sergt. A.E. Savage, Csm; J.H. Green; Captain J. Lester Stevens, Oc. "C" Company; Lieut. Col. G.F. Dudley, Mc, Oc Winnipeg Rifles; Lieut. P.A. Woods (Team Officer); R.J. Kendrick, Cqms; J. Gibbs. Front Row (L- R): S. Ireland; J.R. Yates
subject(s): AwardsGunsMilitaryPersonalitiesShootingSportsUniforms
date: 1930