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image no.: 4777
contact sheet: A0151
collection: James A. Richardson Collection
description: A Gathering In Dearborn, Michigan Honouring The Wright Brothers. (L- R): (Back Row) R.E. Dodds; L.A. Breadner; H. Bagshaw Mann; James S. Hut; James A. Richardson; W.R. "Wop" May; A. Roy Brown; Bryce R. Muir; Charles F. Casey; J.A. Wilson; Douglas J. Joy. (Front Row) V.R. Campbell; J.J. Quinn; C.H. "Punch " Dickins; H.A. "Doc" Oaks; P.J. Moloney; George H.R. Phillips; M.A. Seymour. George H.R. Phillips Was Born August 17,1893 At Laurel, On. He Enlisted In The 2nd Pioneer Battalion Of The Canadian Expeditionary Force In 1915 To 1918. Then Was Attached To The Raf, Took An Observer'S Course And Was Posted To The Independent Air Force In France A Few Days Before The End Of World War 1. In1921 He Joined The Newly Formed Canadian Air Force, And Entered The Forest Service Of The Ontario Air Service In 1924. He Made Many Rescue Flights. He Lived In Orangeville, On, Until His Death On July 20, 1977 At Age Of 84
subject(s): AviationEventsPersonalities
date: 1938, April 16